Italia Invita


Italia Invita, unusual name for an event dedicated to textile creativity, contains in itself an important meaning: Italy, represented by its unique techniques in the field of textile art invites both national and international public to discover, learn and share this to knowledge. Born as a specialized forum on the world of embroidery and lace, Italia Invita has recently decided to open its doors to other forms of textile creativity.

Visitors will find, in addition to a rich commercial area, with exhibitors from all over Europe and highly specialized in this field (yarns, fabrics, accessories, tools, books, antiques, etc.), artisans, associations and museums from different Italian regions involved in saving and spreading these activities. Finally, through a rich selection of seminars and workshops everyone can try to learn these techniques!

Each edition of Italia Invita was characterized by a theme: “Matrimonio all’italiana” in 2009, “Herbarium” in 2011 and “Intreccio Internazionale” in 2013. In 2015, for the seventh edition of the Forum, the theme is  “Food&craft” that, as a tribute to the Expo 2015, we have chosen to characterize your works. Food is art but art is also the theme that various artist acquired as predominant. This will be an unlimited source of interpretations for your masterpieces ranging from nature, through the culinary art, arriving to our traditions.